Original Market

Heavy and light vehicles

Our products are developed according technical specificaions, specific for each application, for both, heavy or light vehicles.
The proccess validation is performed according global standards defined by the customer.

Cockpit Switches

Switches located in the cockpit of the vehicle for the access to the various vehicle features

Transmission Switches

Switches assembled on the gearbox, used to switch on the backup light and/or to sense the neutral gear position.

Lock switch

Switches assembled in the mechanical structure of the locks for sensing if the door is open, closed or in ajar position. Can be connected to the anti theft system.

Hood switches

Switches applied for sensing the engine hood position. It can be interfaced with the anti-theft system.

Break light switch

Switches assembled on the brake pedal, with break light actuation function.

Courtesy switches

Switches applied inside the cabin, usually on the doors, with function of activating the internal lighting.

Courtesy switches

Switches applied to the clutch pedal of the vehicle, with function to monitor it’s activation by the driver.

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