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We are a company oriented to serve with excellence the demanding market of the global automotive industry, as well as the interests of our employees, our shareholders and the community.

Design and validation
of automotive switches and sensors

Ikro has conceptional engineering for product design, with know-how and structure for the development and execution of validation plans, according to specific rules of the automotive segment.

Design and Manufacture of Molds and Plastic Injection

Injection molds and processes are designed and developed by combining the best practices for productivity and quality optimization.

Precision machining

Processes dedicated to special machining, highlighting the processing of high ductility materials such as aluminum, brass and copper. Guaranteed capability to meet the dimensional specifications of the projects.

SMT soldering

Automated assembly technology of electronic components on printed circuit boards, with soldering temperature curve control. Tecnologia de montagem automatizada de componentes eletrônicos em placas de circuito impresso, com controle de curva de temperatura de soldagem.

Automated and manual assemblies

Assembly processes developed at the optimum automation level to meet manufacturing demands, with the manpower of a qualified team, meeting the most advanced lean manufacturing concepts.

Laser marking

Laser etching technology applied for marking symbols on vehicle cockpit buttons. It results in a translucent marking for the illumination of the symbology.

Design and manufacture of automated test systems

End of Lines testing with vision system application for appearance items, and 100% electrical functional testing simulating product application conditions.

Ikro Componentes Automotivos

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